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Enrollment Criteria

Florence Christian School does not require prospective students to take an entrance exam. However, each family must go through the admissions process which includes an interview to discuss the academic and discipline standards that are required by FCS. 

Students entering 4K must be four on or before September 1; students entering 5K must be five on or before September 1; students entering 1st grade must be six on or before September 1. Students entering kindergarten and first grade must bring birth certificates to the school office before enrollment is complete. 

All students 3K through grade 12 must present a completed certificate of immunization to the school office. A copy of an official birth certificate must also be submitted for each student. 

The following will also be taken into consideration. 

  • Students who have been expelled from their previous school(s) or who have withdrawn to avoid such actions will not be permitted to enroll. 
  • Students who have been expelled or asked to withdraw from Florence Christian School may only be considered for re-enrollment upon acceptable completion of the restoration program as described in the discipline section. 
  • Students who have a history from their previous school(s) of discipline involving aggressive behavior, drug related offenses, weapons violations, immorality (including homosexuality), or significant absenteeism will not be permitted to enroll. 
  • Any students who are enrolled under false pretense or contribute to the case for enrollment by either providing false information or withholding significant information will surrender their opportunity to enroll or to remain enrolled. 
  • An exception in the enrollment policy for one is not meant as an exception in the enrollment policy for anyone else.

Enrollment Process

Enrolling During the School Year

Parents may enroll their children into Florence Christian School any time during the school year provided they have met the criteria for school enrollment. 

The following must be completed before official enrollment in Florence Christian School. 

  • Application for Enrollment (click to download)
  • Parent Interview with administrator - K-6th grades
  • Parent and student interview with administrator - 7th -12th grades
  • Records from previous school(s) 
  • Copy of Birth Certificate and Immunization Record on file
  • Payment of Enrollment Fee and Book & Material Fee
  • Payment of present month's tuition if enrolling after the official start of the school year

Enrolling for the Next School Year

Students who are presently enrolled at FCS will be given a chance to re-enroll each year before new students are accepted. This re-enrollment period is held the last two weeks of February. 

After re-enrollment, there will be a one-week enrollment period for Florence Baptist Temple members to enroll assuming there are vacancies. Waiting lists will be considered as follows: 

  • Families with additional children enrolled
  • Florence Baptist Temple members
  • All others on a first come basis. 

Immediately following the one week enrollment period for FBT members, enrollment opportunities will be open to the public, all things being equal, in order of the date of receipt of application. 

Parents are to send or bring to the school office a completed application together with the registration fee, book and material fee. The administration then schedules an interview with the parents. Students in 7th-12th grade must accompany parents for this interview. Students must meet approval in the areas of academic achievement, behavior, and Christian education philosophy. All records from the previous school must be presented before enrollment is complete. 

All students are accepted on probation for a period of six weeks. Students in grades 7-12 will be accepted on the following basis only: 

  • Re-enrolling students who meet above criteria
  • New moves who meet above criteria
  • Circumstances that substantiate a desire for a Christian education and is approved by the administration